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Einar Alvar Heinrich

Today I have experienced the most beautiful moment in my life. My partner in life gave birth to Einar Alvar Heinrich. I can’t tell you how touching it was, words can’t explain. It felt so incredible when he finally was there. I cut his umbilical cord and hold him tight until his mother was ready to take him. I am very grateful to the staff of the Marien-Krankenhaus Lübeck, they all did excellent work. I believe life is intended to be beautiful!

Einar Alvar Heinrich

The calm before the storm

I just would like to tell everyone it has not happened yet! Einar Alvar Heinrich is still raking in his mothers womb. I am amazed by his iron will not to enter this world. The doctor told us he weighs at least 4 kilogram and is very healthy. What else matters?

Building a fly rod part 1

This afternoon I have successfully finished building my first fly rod. I have bought two identical Loop blanks from the Loop Green Line series in 9’3″ and the specified line class is #6-7. I am very satisfied with the result and waiting to test it extensively. If the rod performs well I am going to build yet another.