SEO fscking

Funny, today I had some interesting hits in my log, someone came from a page with an engine spying for the keywords used on my page. Now I got curious and did some research. I indeed noticed that if someone searches via google for example hp compaq 6715 b, hp compaq 6715b, et cetera I am very close behind top ranking pages of mighty HP itself. I am doing strong promotion for nothing. What a shock. Hey, come on – please give me an hp 6715 b or something comparable, I really enjoyed it a lot! So I already knew that on various topics my page has good ranking on like vm workstation for linux,  vmware linux 2.6.27 or flowplayer and dvgrab. And guess what? I have no clue about SEO. And guess somewhat else. This post is simple SEO done in 5 minutes.

P.S. If anyone at HP Compaq wants his name eternally remembered – you know what do ;P

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