The joy of recreation

Still a few more days to go and then, finally, we go on a crusade into the unknown, uhm – we leave early in the morning for the southern districts of Germany. We are going to enjoy the culinary delights of the Frankish kitchen. Yummy. And I’d like to hike the woods and explore some unhasty creeks in hope to catch some fish and maybe to take some pictures. I have recently revived my Pentax MZ-5 and bought a nice lens for it. Whatever, this is something we all are very much looking forward. The boys will enjoy playing in a real garden with lots of green, we can share some time with their grandparents and leave the everyday life behind. This is going to be very nice. And I suppose we can leave the boys  alone at their grandparents for an evening and have some time for ourselves. A brilliant idea, indeed.

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