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Busy with work, but I have qualified co-workers.

This place is not deserted

Please come back someday soon. Right now I am very busy with some exciting developments at work and being with my family. So there is not much time for this place. Well, but I am still here. Take care!

Finally another car

Well, today I finally bought another car and put an end to driving this Kangoo which was okay for some time but not what I consider to be a proper car. So now it’s an Audi Quattro Avant. Yeah. I feel like having a car again.

I was years ago already having an Audi Quatto and liked it very much. So after I decided it’s the time for a change I had the urgent need to have again a Quattro. Today I feel blissful, already drove 400km with the car.

Relocation from dedicated server to vserver accomplished

Last evening I started relocation of all services from my old dedicated server to a vserver at another location. So I have to say bye bye old fellow, I am not going to miss you so much. But thanks anyways for (usually) being so reliable.

These days I can have better performance for less money. And I can spent the money in things like pizza, beer and so on in our family money socks. Yeah!

Yummy for the tummy – a sysadmins true erotic fantasies

After I returned home from a vacation much too short I am now alone at home for another week – the family is spending some more time in vacation. Soooo. I have to feed myself.
This is what I have created in less than 40 minutes without any recipe – a pizza. And no, it is not convenience food. This is a sysadmins most erotic fantasy:

Take some flour, cheese, tomato sludge, water, yeast, salt, olive oil, olives, onions, garlic, more vegetables and scramble it until you have a homogeneous pulp and smear it onto the baking sheet.

The joy of recreation

Still a few more days to go and then, finally, we go on a crusade into the unknown, uhm – we leave early in the morning for the southern districts of Germany. We are going to enjoy the culinary delights of the Frankish kitchen. Yummy. And I’d like to hike the woods and explore some unhasty creeks in hope to catch some fish and maybe to take some pictures. I have recently revived my Pentax MZ-5 and bought a nice lens for it. Whatever, this is something we all are very much looking forward. The boys will enjoy playing in a real garden with lots of green, we can share some time with their grandparents and leave the everyday life behind. This is going to be very nice. And I suppose we can leave the boys  alone at their grandparents for an evening and have some time for ourselves. A brilliant idea, indeed.

March 2009

Oh no, it’s already march?! Being so busy seems to quicken the days passing by. Nontheless, tomorrow my younger brother has his 29th birthday (Hey hey (: )  and today in the evening is parents’ evening in the kindergarten (first time for me). On Saturday we are going by to buy a new table, chairs and stuff for the kitchen and leaving the boys in my mums’ care. A few hours exclusive free time. And last but not least this Sunday I am finally going to have a day on the coast to test my new self built fly rod. I am going to meet there with Marco, a friend of mine.  Sarah expects me to catch at least one seatrout for dinner. Pretty much expections….

I really miss my family

I feel so unhappy right now. The weather forecasts are all saying we are getting very bad weather this coming weekend. That means I possibly can’t go to fetch them. Life sometimes really sucks even worse than the day before. At least I am doing good progress in relocating things. And Sarah is so deliriously happy about the new apartment – I have shown her a video via the internet. Well, it’s not the time to give it up. Maybe the weather is going to surprisingly change at the weekend. I hope so.

Relocation Now!

This weekend I have been very busy with preparing our relocation to Bad Oldesloe. It feels good to know we are going to leave this way too small apartment behind. And I am so happy to finally see Sarah, Erik and Einar again.

Sad to say Sarah had a spinal disc herniation shortly after going to Nuremberg. This old apartment we are leaving behind is on the fourth floor without an elevator and so it was impossible for Sarah to come back. Thus I haven’t seen her and the boys since they left on the 18th of October. It frequently made me feel so downfallen not to have them around me.

I am relieved to know it’s almost overcome and for the next days I am going to move things from this place to our new apartment. And when that’s done I am going to pick up my family from Nuremberg and take them to our new home. And we are going to take good care of Sarah’s injury.

FlashEmbedded Family

On Sunday we have been on a visit to my older brother and his family. Nerdy as I am I had our Sony Handycam with me on the trip and arrived back at home with plenty of new video footage. So I just wanted to make some videos available and digitalized and converted the dv source material from the camcorder with dvgrab and ffmpeg.

So this is some kind of a minimal HowTo, hope this helps someone.

If you are like me, you don’t like the idea to rely on 3rd party websites like There are a few good reasons to keep the video on your site – you have the physical control and you don’t need to accept confusing licence agreements. So here we go!

First I piped the output of dvgrab directly from the firewire to ffmpeg. This deinterlaced, converted and scaled the dv file to something more useful for a web page. I think that the following options are fine, feel free to change them and of course make use of man dvgrab and man ffmpeg.

dvgrab -format dv1 – | ffmpeg -deinterlace -f dv -i – -f flv -vcodec flv -s qvga -aspect 1.333 -qscale 3.5 -acodec libmp3lame -ab 32k -ar 22050 example.flv

Next I uploaded the example.flv file into the root directory of the domain. I use the open-source FlowPlayer Flash applet to actually embed the FLV video in my web page. I had to get a copy of the flowplayer.swf and flashembed.js from their page and copied the files to the root directory as well.

And finally I added the following lines to the html page.

<!– include flashembed –>
<script src=”flashembed.js”></script>

<!– this DIV is where your Flowplayer will be placed. –>
<div id=”videodiv” style=”width:640px;height:503px”></div>

// place Flowplayer to our DIV
flashembed(“videodiv”, “FlowPlayer.swf”, {config: {

// Flowplayer configuration as comma separated list
videoFile: ‘example.flv’,
initialScale: ‘scale’


That’s it. You should now have your video embedded in your page.