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Mein Fahrrad ist schön

Ich musste ja doch noch etwas weiter machen. Hier wird nicht gekleckert, sondern anständig geklotzt.

Mit einer sorgfältigen Auswahl der Teile komme ich jetzt auf unter 8 kg Gewicht und bin damit sehr zufrieden.


Das alte Rad wurde somit vollständig durch ein Custom Built Strassen-Zerstörer-Race-Hobel-Panzer-Fahrrad ausgetauscht.


Ich kann ja nicht einfach ein Rennrad fahren, das geht ja kaputt. 😀

Für Sarah ensteht übrigens auch ein hübsches Fahrrad…wollen wir mal hoffen, das es ihr gefällt.

Jetzt rollt es






Beep beep beeeep knartz

Ok. Ich war mit den Jungs am Strand. Der Hund war auch dabei. Der Hund ist kein tüchtiger Gehilfe. Die Jungs schon. Es hat Spaß gemacht. Wir haben gefunden: einen Pfennig und einen Cent. Ausbeute phänomenal! Dear Mr. Strand am Meer, we will return!

Beep beep beep beeeeep

Ich habe gekauft:

einen Vista Mini von Deep Tech

Vacations In The North

Moin moin. Today I had my first day vacation with moving around about 1000 kg rocks for the natural stone wall in our garden. Those rocks equal the size of comet Hale-Bopp. At least. And I moved around lots of loamy soil which was not less fun. Hooray for vacations!

Battles Vacations… Battles Vacations in the North!

The joy of recreation

Still a few more days to go and then, finally, we go on a crusade into the unknown, uhm – we leave early in the morning for the southern districts of Germany. We are going to enjoy the culinary delights of the Frankish kitchen. Yummy. And I’d like to hike the woods and explore some unhasty creeks in hope to catch some fish and maybe to take some pictures. I have recently revived my Pentax MZ-5 and bought a nice lens for it. Whatever, this is something we all are very much looking forward. The boys will enjoy playing in a real garden with lots of green, we can share some time with their grandparents and leave the everyday life behind. This is going to be very nice. And I suppose we can leave the boys  alone at their grandparents for an evening and have some time for ourselves. A brilliant idea, indeed.

Swine flu forging ahead

This is a picture I’d like to share with you – origin unknown.

To avoid swine flu don’t ever do this!

A day on the baltic coast

Last Sunday I have been fishing. I didn’t meet with Marco, he was busy. So I got invited to join Peter and he fetched me by car on Sunday morning. We left heading north towards the vast shores of Wagria. After one hour continuous driving we were already almost there. Just a final stop to buy another candy bar on the gas station and then it was only a few more minutes to reach the beach. We there met some more friends and had six hours of excessive fly fishing. Unfortunately no fish, though.

Altogether it was nontheless a nice day on the coast and we had plenty of fun.

When I arrived at home I expected something like “Oh where’s the fish?”. I prayed to the gods we would at least have some fish fingers in the fridge. But it was alright without fish as everyone at home knew I had a good day.

Building another fly rod part 2

Due to given circumstances I have not been able to kick off this project earlier. On the 23rd of February we had a great handwork evening at home – Sarah was tailoring next to me and I was glueing the grip and wrapping the guides onto the fly rod blank.

I bought my parts from the US and Germany. The main reason for this is plain simple. In Germany I haven’t found any dealer for the stripping guides.

  • Loop Green Line series blank  in 9′3″ and the specified line class is #6-7
  • Cork Fly Rod Grip Reverse Half Wells – supreme quality
  • Fuji Concept Stripping Guides – SiC ring in 16 and 12 /w Chrome finish
  • Struble Fly Rod Reel Seat – Standard Uplocking U-3 – Polished Alum. /Cocobolo
  • Pacific Bay Snake Guides in 2,2,2,2,3,4,5 Chrome finish
  • Pacific Bay Fly Rod Tip Top – Chrome finish / Std. loop / size 5 tube
  • Pacific Bay Aluminum Winding Check – TiCH finish / 0.342 in. I.D.

On Sunday I am going to take it with me to the coast. I am already very excited.

I really miss my family

I feel so unhappy right now. The weather forecasts are all saying we are getting very bad weather this coming weekend. That means I possibly can’t go to fetch them. Life sometimes really sucks even worse than the day before. At least I am doing good progress in relocating things. And Sarah is so deliriously happy about the new apartment – I have shown her a video via the internet. Well, it’s not the time to give it up. Maybe the weather is going to surprisingly change at the weekend. I hope so.