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Headphones, notebooks, linux and alsa

Every day I am on the way to work I listen to music. At least usually. But not recently. A plain simple explanation is I had no proper headphones for my Vaio notebook. I gave away mine and didn’t get them back yet. So today I got my new headphones by mail. Nothing special, it’s the Koss Porta Pro. I had them before and liked them, they are affordable and sound okay. I took them and while Amarok was loading I plugged the Porta Pro in and started with…uh! The music came straight out of the PC speakers!

This seemed to be a problem with Alsa and I have found the fix for this in a flash.

Edit for example /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and add the line

options snd-hda-intel model=vaio position_fix=0

and then at last (no need to reboot) I did as root

rmmod -f snd_hda_intel && modprobe snd_hda_intel

That solved the problem for me.

I finally confess whatever you want

Oh my god, I am now older then I once expected ever to be – please call me a 30 year old whatnot. And if someone still needs to be prodded – it’s now 2009, indeed. Currently I am doing some ugly hack to run Samba on a Vbox Linux which is hosted on Syscrash XP, where the XP shares are exclusively mounted in the Vbox offering Truecrypt containers via Samba to the outside accessible with OpenVPN. And ffs yes, the shares get rsynced periodically. Any questions? Besides I am running some gentoo vhosts in a cluster to test some skripts I wrote for making our deployments recover themselves when problems emerged and the systems went fsck. Hooray.